Returning to Recruiting

There aren’t too many thing that are less fun to look for than a job. But I’m pretty excited for my first phone screening for a potential interview at the National Black MBA conference. The company just contacted me today. Since the phone call I have started looking more in depth into its performance and culture; they have definitely been winning me over because of their complete and dedicated stance to helping people and keeping them healthy. What is better than marketing things that people actually need???

The location listed on the job posting isn’t ideal, but depending on my fiance’s situation we might be able to make it work if they like me.

I am incredibly unprepared for the screening since I haven’t done an interview in a year, but wish me luck! I’d really like to pursue this one further.


About hayjo

Graduating in April from Brigham Young Unversity's Marriott School of Management, and have loved all of my time here! My husband and I will then be moving to Texas this summer just in time for it to be really heating up down there. I'm a reader, a volleyball player, and am happiest spending when time with my family. I am not a natural blogger and just writing can be a struggle, but it's great practice for the future.
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