LinkedIn is Reaching Out

I got the following article in my FINS email this week:

LinkedIn’s Push to Advertisers: Hurry Up and Lead!

By DAMIAN GHIGLIOTTY, Wednesday, September 28, 2011

“You better hurry up and start promoting your brand on LinkedIn, says LinkedIn. The professional networking site is urging advertisers and marketers to jump on its company-follow feature to attract more followers now that the site has gone public.

Mike Gamson, LinkedIn’s senior vice president of sales, told Adweek that it plans to make a major push with advertising now that the site has achieved “brand-friendly scale” with 120 million professional members around the world.

Gamson’s reasoning for the push: Attracting more enthusiasts now, while the follow feature is still relatively new, will cost you less than courting them down the road after your rivals have already won them over.

The not-so-subtle spin here is in making it seem like the eight-year-old company has only begun to grow and its 120 million users are just the beginning of what’s to come. It also sounds like an obvious push to get investors excited about future growth.

LinkedIn’s stock is down almost 20% from $94 a share to $76 a share since the company’s May 19 initial public offering.”

So this could be really good advice to advertisers, especially if the huge marketing push brings in as many new and active users as LinkedIn believes it will.

And/Or, this could be an attempt to try to revitalize a company who’s stock has been falling since their IPO by justifying its existence and validity to those outside advertisers by doing a lot of its own advertising. Which seems likely, but less positive for the company than the first “Just giving you a heads up that we’re going to be awesome” scenario.

Now I do use LinkedIn, but I have never gotten a job by using it. My main use so far was to find people in companies I wanted to work for that I was “connected” to and ask for an introduction. I see all of the benefits, and know the site can help out many, many people. But when I go online I usually see a bunch of SEOs, entrepreneurs, and advertisers pitching themselves and there services. I see less of the legitimate job information by real companies, at least they aren’t nearly as active.

If this push gets more companies to use LinkedIn as a recruiting ground great, if it’s just more people selling to me – I don’t like that so much.


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  1. Do you think that LinkedIn should have gone public?

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