Facebook Vs. LinkedIn for Recruiters

I just ran into this article Friend – and Possible Employee on the WSJ, and efforts being made by third party app developers to create resume tools and search tools to enable companies to find potential employees on

Facebook. I knew many companies learned about were checking out the online profiles of their prospects, but I wasn’t aware that these apps existed. So how is this going to compare or effect LinkedIn? LinkedIn employeess are about to start selling their shares (if they haven’t already) and probably make millions, but is competition going to bring prices right back down?

Facebook is a much more popular site, obviously, than LinkedIn. However, it hasn’t had
the credibility and business discussion forums, it seemed to be an authority on Justin Beiber – not finding a IT officer in Austin, TX. But these apps might spin Facebook into a more serious realm. According to the article, it sounds like the main reason people are fearful about using Facebook in their employment search is that they use it for their social and private lives as well. This is probably a valid concern. No one is posting pictures of drinking with friends on LinkedIn.

However, I see this moving from third party developers to being added by Facebook itself into upcoming versions of the site. By doing this, Facebook can give its users access to specific privacy controls regarding who in the resume search tools or professional network can see what parts of their schedule. I don’t believe third party applications have total access to these settings for their users. If Facebook does create a private and professional way to present yourself of their page, maybe even giving the choice of setting a “professional” profile picture that is set separately.

If Facebook chooses to challenge LinkedIn, and in a low price way they could easily steal a good percentage of LinkedIn’s business, I believe. They have more traffic, and LinkedIn is very expensive to be a premium or business user. This will be interesting to check out for the next year or so.


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Graduating in April from Brigham Young Unversity's Marriott School of Management, and have loved all of my time here! My husband and I will then be moving to Texas this summer just in time for it to be really heating up down there. I'm a reader, a volleyball player, and am happiest spending when time with my family. I am not a natural blogger and just writing can be a struggle, but it's great practice for the future.
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One Response to Facebook Vs. LinkedIn for Recruiters

  1. Joel Tobey says:

    I’m not a big fan of the job apps on Facebook, but I will look at future developments. I still think LinkedIn has the brand equity on the professional scene. I could see Facebook taking over for people wanting to get jobs at McDonalds and such.

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