Social Media and Politics

Really enjoyed this fun post from ReelSEO:

And I think it is very timely and relevant wit the current GOP debates and such going on.

Note: I didn't see one tweet from Obama himself in the past week

My social media class spent a day discussing the Obama campaign, since he was really the first presidential candidate to embrace social media and showed himself to be very “in touch” with young people. A republican candidate is yet to use this media quite as often, as powerfully, or as comfortably as the current president. So we discussed whether we thought they would hop on the band wagon in a strong way this time, and came to the conclusion that they most surely would. But we didn’t know how well each candidate would be able to do it.

Obviously, no one in a political position would be able to stay off of social media because all of the news networks and gossip column and political factions all will post their names, words, and faces all over. The challenge is to manage your own image in a world where you are always on display. Haters will spend countless hours writing or showing unflattering videos, news reports will make jokes about every slip of the tongue, so can they really learn to speak to the public through social media to direct the conversation in ways that they would like?

Maybe, but they need to learn how to “bounce”. Like President Reagan when he faced rows of silent campus protesters. He didn’t let his anger or frustration show, he made a joke of it and “shhh”ed them before going into his meeting. Like when he was attacked for his older age and he said that he would never sink low enough to use his opponent’s youth and inexperience against him. I thought Governor Perry did a decent job of bouncing after his mistake. He joked about it, he didn’t run in to the press point and continue trying to press his point or make excuses. Mitt Romney has had a few “bouncing” blunders as well. In a world where every misstep can be played over and over again, and the whole world will mock and attack anything that they can, it is so necessary to make sure that you do not come off as defensive.

Also, much of social media is text, even though video is very popular, and it is almost impossible to have the correct “tone” interpreted especially with joking or sarcasm. In addition, with so much negative it is imperative that positive and truth is put out as well. Like President Obama, it is important to put out a lot of your own formal and informal videos and content. Hopefully when people Google you they will pull up one of your videos and not when you tripped off the stage.



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