XMen and Avengers Fighting on Social Media?

Super excited to find this article:
Marvel event reaches ‘critical mass’ on social media

I mean really, who hasn’t been enjoying all of the super hero movies lately? Iron Man was my favorite, the XMen movies were great, and my husband and I just watched Captain America last night. So the idea of these character coming to social media intrigued me. I was a bit let down when I found out that this whole conversation the creators are developing and facilitating was about new comic books. I’ve never read comic books, and was unfamiliar with most of the stories recapped in the article, but I guess the concept is still pretty great. The following explains how they are making it all happen:

“Marvel.com will host a live news conference at 3 p.m. ET Wednesday for fans via Livestream featuring Fraction and fellow writers Jason Aaron, Brian Michael BendisEd Brubaker and Jonathan Hickman, the five Marvel writers behind the series. Marvel will also use Google+ to allow its readers to interact with Avengers vs. X-Men creators and the hashtag “#AvX” for fans to converse about the event on Twitter and Facebook.”


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Graduating in April from Brigham Young Unversity's Marriott School of Management, and have loved all of my time here! My husband and I will then be moving to Texas this summer just in time for it to be really heating up down there. I'm a reader, a volleyball player, and am happiest spending when time with my family. I am not a natural blogger and just writing can be a struggle, but it's great practice for the future.
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