What do you share?

Why is it so hard to share things that we really care about online?

For example, this is my first time closely following the presidential election. I always paid
attention, but I have really delved in to the news this time around. However, I have never shared my political opinion online, mainly because I don’t want to be attacked by half my friends and acquaintances who don’t agree with me and have my beliefs insulted or mocked.  This is the same reason I usually don’t share a lot about my religion either, it is the central focus of my entire life and I don’t want to have to constantly be defensive about it. If I decide to write how much I love my Savior one day, why can’t (even my non-spiritual) contacts just support the positivity and love behind the statement?

A married woman in my social media class said that even when she wants to talk about being married she feels like she can’t because it would be insensitive to her single friends (who are desiring and trying to find  a spouse). Some may say this is oversensitive, but it is hard to balance your social network at times because of issues like this. Wouldn’t it be great if you could share how you feel without feeling put down by those who disagree with you? Not everyone is out looking for confrontation. I guess that is just what comes with the territory – don’t bring up sex, religion, or politics right?

I think, even more that having to defend myself, the reason I feel like I can’t share a lot online is that I know a lot of recruiters will be checking my social media profiles to check me out. If a recruiter has different views than I do in some of these areas, then will they knowingly or unknowingly be prejudice against me? That would be really hard and unfair – so I tend to not share much. But it’s hard sometimes when I would really like to share the things in my life that are personally meaningful.


About hayjo

Graduating in April from Brigham Young Unversity's Marriott School of Management, and have loved all of my time here! My husband and I will then be moving to Texas this summer just in time for it to be really heating up down there. I'm a reader, a volleyball player, and am happiest spending when time with my family. I am not a natural blogger and just writing can be a struggle, but it's great practice for the future.
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2 Responses to What do you share?

  1. Joel Tobey says:

    Great post. I have similar concerns and hesitate to share things sometimes for the same reason. I guess it’s because we don’t like confrontation. I’m in a class right now that got me thinking though. If you let fear hold you back from sharing your thoughts and beliefs, you’ll never really connect to like-minded people too.

  2. rebeccajw says:

    It’s interesting to think how social media outlets have changed–originally they were meant as a personal outlet and way to connect with friends and family, a personal extension that was separate from things like work and recruiters. Now with the prevalence of social media not just in personal but in business lives, there are new challenges like the ones you talk about. The Future Buzz just had an interesting post about this new intersection; they call it “profersonal.” http://thefuturebuzz.com/2012/01/10/the-rise-of-the-profersonal/

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