What do you share?

Why is it so hard to share things that we really care about online?

For example, this is my first time closely following the presidential election. I always paid
attention, but I have really delved in to the news this time around. However, I have never shared my political opinion online, mainly because I don’t want to be attacked by half my friends and acquaintances who don’t agree with me and have my beliefs insulted or mocked.  This is the same reason I usually don’t share a lot about my religion either, it is the central focus of my entire life and I don’t want to have to constantly be defensive about it. If I decide to write how much I love my Savior one day, why can’t (even my non-spiritual) contacts just support the positivity and love behind the statement?

A married woman in my social media class said that even when she wants to talk about being married she feels like she can’t because it would be insensitive to her single friends (who are desiring and trying to find  a spouse). Some may say this is oversensitive, but it is hard to balance your social network at times because of issues like this. Wouldn’t it be great if you could share how you feel without feeling put down by those who disagree with you? Not everyone is out looking for confrontation. I guess that is just what comes with the territory – don’t bring up sex, religion, or politics right?

I think, even more that having to defend myself, the reason I feel like I can’t share a lot online is that I know a lot of recruiters will be checking my social media profiles to check me out. If a recruiter has different views than I do in some of these areas, then will they knowingly or unknowingly be prejudice against me? That would be really hard and unfair – so I tend to not share much. But it’s hard sometimes when I would really like to share the things in my life that are personally meaningful.

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Creativity Loves Constraints

“…but they must be balanced with a healthy disregard for the impossible” – Marissa Ann Mayer

In my entrepreneurial marketing class we spend the beginning of class brainstorming potential business ideas. Last week we came up with brand new ideas and improvements for clocks, and this week was based on the dog and cat market. Something about these exercises that really stuck out to me was that if we had not been given a category – I would have been stuck and unable to come up with any new thoughts at all. The potential task is too big and overwhelming; inclusive of every new idea that could ever be thought up. However, because we were given tighter constraints my team was able to come up with several ideas that seemed to fill a real need.

I mean, why do we not yet have rings or watches that work as vibrating alarm clocks so you don’t need to wake up your spouse in the morning? 🙂


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What do you want to be when you grow up?

I couldn’t help but laugh when one of my roommates told me about her job search. She wanted a job where she could set her own hours, make good money, do something she really enjoys, and not have to sell. I know of very few jobs that you can set your own hours unless you start your own business. However she had seen a friend of hers make tons of money off of ebay, and other friends have successful ventures and was lured in by the idea of easy money.

The idea of easy money is prevalent everywhere these days! Just turn on the television; on one channel there is show after show about selling old junk for large sums (pawn shop, antiques, and garbage picking). Flipping houses is still popular, and many websites exist solely to make commission on your purchases from their advertisers – they don’t have any original content at all. Is seems it is the rare person these days who dreams of working an 8  am to 5pm like their parents (4am to 8pm if you have farmers in your lineage!)

I don’t see any problem with trying to find a job you love, but I do think many members of my generation and the next have unrealistic expectations about the working world. In order to bring home a decent paycheck you have to be bringing in a lot of money to the company you work for. You aren’t always going to be able to work 4 hours a day and earn $60,000; I’ve never been able to accomplish that actually. But I am worried that this is the current expectation. I saw it in my roommate when she almost answered a shady easy-money craigslist ad. I saw it when I talked to my younger cousins about their future plans and they expect high level salaries without gaining specialized skills.

“In other words, you can work to achieve greatness, or you can work in your underwear for two hours a day. The two rarely go together.”
– http://www.nytimes.com/2007/08/11/business/11online.html

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‘Tis the Season!

Love these videos telling of the birth of Christ. Makes it easier for me to remember the meaning of the holiday.

LDS Christian Movies

Also, read this wonderful story by Henry Van Dyke,


There was an air of calm and reserved opulence about the Weightman mansion that spoke not of money squandered, but of wealth prudently applied. Standing on a corner of the Avenue no longer fashionable for residence, it looked upon the swelling tide of business with an expression of complacency and half-disdain.

The house was not beautiful. There was nothing in its straight front of chocolate-colored stone, its heavy cornices, its broad, staring windows of plate glass, its carved and bronze-bedecked mahogany doors at the top of the wide stoop, to charm the eye or fascinate the imagination. But it was eminently respectable, and in its way imposing. It seemed to say that the glittering shops of the jewelers, the milliners, the confectioners, the florists, the picture-dealers, the furriers, the makers of rare and costly antiquities, retail traders in luxuries of life, were beneath the notice of a house that had its foundations in the high finance, and was built literally and figuratively in the shadow of St. Petronius’ Church.

At the same time there was something self-pleased and congratulatory in the way in which the mansion held its own amid the changing neighborhood. It almost seemed to be lifted up a little, among the tall buildings near at hand, as if it felt the rising value of the land on which it stood.

John Weightman was like the house into which he had built himself thirty years ago, and in which his ideals and ambitions were incrusted. He was a self-made man. But in making himself he had chosen a highly esteemed pattern and worked according to the approved rules. There was nothing irregular, questionable, flamboyant about him.

He was solid, correct, and justly successful. . . . (READ THE REST)

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Should I delete me Klout account?

I’ve been seeing a lot of articles talking about privacy issues with Klout, the persistent and impossible to delete profile (like Facebook), and other concerns. And I am wondering, should I delete Klout? Not only that, but I was looking around the site and struggled to find out how I would even do it. Where is the “Leave Klout” button?

Once Upon A Time, I Believed In The Fairytale Of Klout
The Klout Story – Are You Reading Between The Lines?
Is it Safe to Have an Id on Klout

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XMen and Avengers Fighting on Social Media?

Super excited to find this article:
Marvel event reaches ‘critical mass’ on social media

I mean really, who hasn’t been enjoying all of the super hero movies lately? Iron Man was my favorite, the XMen movies were great, and my husband and I just watched Captain America last night. So the idea of these character coming to social media intrigued me. I was a bit let down when I found out that this whole conversation the creators are developing and facilitating was about new comic books. I’ve never read comic books, and was unfamiliar with most of the stories recapped in the article, but I guess the concept is still pretty great. The following explains how they are making it all happen:

“Marvel.com will host a live news conference at 3 p.m. ET Wednesday for fans via Livestream featuring Fraction and fellow writers Jason Aaron, Brian Michael BendisEd Brubaker and Jonathan Hickman, the five Marvel writers behind the series. Marvel will also use Google+ to allow its readers to interact with Avengers vs. X-Men creators and the hashtag “#AvX” for fans to converse about the event on Twitter and Facebook.”

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Social Gaming

Ok. This is embarrassing. Please don’t stop being my friend.

But I . . . have played Farmville. I know, I’m sorry.

I don’t think I am the only person who feels like they need to apologize and be embarrassed about their online gaming activity – especially one that bugs nonplayers with incessant messages about what goes on in the game. I find these games incredibly addicting
for the first 2 weeks, when leveling up is easy and you don’t require much outside help. That changes all too soon though. Quickly the things you need you have to get “friends” to give you or to buy using real world money. REAL MONEY?

Come on now, I’m not that addicted. And I don’t have 30 friends who are also playing that will send me what I need. (I’d die before I admit my involvement with such games by inviting a nonplayer to play!)

So, the leveling up and building becomes impossible. You lose all your energy in a minute or two of play. And I lose interest in all things Farmville (or whatever game of the month). Farmville actually sent me a follow up survey to figure out why I stopped playing and I told them just that. It seems like I wasn’t the only one. I only have one friend that I know of that still actively plays the game – so I’m really not going to level up even if I wanted to. I could be wrong but the whole game seems to have fallen out of favor, so should advertisers ever buy a long term contract? I wouldn’t.

So is social gaming really the next generation of online advertising? Do these product you buy in the game do anything but increase name recognition? Do they increase purchase? I don’t know that it has been definitively proven that Farmville sponsors saw an uplift in sales. They might have become better know by the players, and maybe that’s all that the brand’s goals were. But most of the branded items I have seen sold within games are earned or have to be bought with real world money, so even recognition might be limited to mostly those REALLY hard core players.

Now what about playing BubbleBlaster with Skittles or M&Ms? Does it make you hungry? Does it remind you that you should get some at the store? If you can get a game or app to get really popular, I could see this having a positive effect on users who enjoy the product being featured in the game. (Notice they usually don’t require your friends to play, they aren’t “social”)

Is this the next big thing? Game makers have been trying to make it successful for years, and as annoying as it is sometimes it seems to have worked out really well for a few companies. Sadly, you might just have to get used to the Mafia Wars, Cityville, and The Sims friends requesting your assistance (unless they realize how embarrassing it is like me).

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How Brands and Bloggers Interact

Guest Speaker Troy Pattee, @troypattee
My notes from his visit to #BYUMBA #SMMBYU

Brand managers are choosing to work with someone who has a presence or influence in social media (like a blogger) in order to take advantage of her network and experience to achieve strong word-of-mouth advertising in their community.

Brands have moved away a little from the Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods type of influencer endorsements now a days. Because though they are famous, they are not personally known. Using someone who is personally connected to a community to get the word out can generate interest with a much stronger trust in the promoter. This influencer is “Lesser Known . . . But has an active following”. It can create some really interesting news on your product since Brands cannot control or tell social media how to talk about it.
How do these social media people generate word of mouth advertising?
Product reviews (Can be boring)
Giveaways (Flooding the market, removing purity and credibility)
Be Authentic!

Monitoring your social media channels to respond to comments, concerns, questions about your brand is critical as well. Comcast is very good about this and creating positiveexperiences with the brand, they monitor and react so that positive buzz and not negative buzz is filling the channels. This is super important to save sales and relationships before a customer leaves and goes somewhere else.

McDonalds retweets the negative experiences of customer’s but also with a link to how they resolved it. These are things that give you a good reputation and loyalty from all of your followers.

.Use your “Real-Time Focus Groups”

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Social Media and Politics

Really enjoyed this fun post from ReelSEO:

And I think it is very timely and relevant wit the current GOP debates and such going on.

Note: I didn't see one tweet from Obama himself in the past week

My social media class spent a day discussing the Obama campaign, since he was really the first presidential candidate to embrace social media and showed himself to be very “in touch” with young people. A republican candidate is yet to use this media quite as often, as powerfully, or as comfortably as the current president. So we discussed whether we thought they would hop on the band wagon in a strong way this time, and came to the conclusion that they most surely would. But we didn’t know how well each candidate would be able to do it.

Obviously, no one in a political position would be able to stay off of social media because all of the news networks and gossip column and political factions all will post their names, words, and faces all over. The challenge is to manage your own image in a world where you are always on display. Haters will spend countless hours writing or showing unflattering videos, news reports will make jokes about every slip of the tongue, so can they really learn to speak to the public through social media to direct the conversation in ways that they would like?

Maybe, but they need to learn how to “bounce”. Like President Reagan when he faced rows of silent campus protesters. He didn’t let his anger or frustration show, he made a joke of it and “shhh”ed them before going into his meeting. Like when he was attacked for his older age and he said that he would never sink low enough to use his opponent’s youth and inexperience against him. I thought Governor Perry did a decent job of bouncing after his mistake. He joked about it, he didn’t run in to the press point and continue trying to press his point or make excuses. Mitt Romney has had a few “bouncing” blunders as well. In a world where every misstep can be played over and over again, and the whole world will mock and attack anything that they can, it is so necessary to make sure that you do not come off as defensive.

Also, much of social media is text, even though video is very popular, and it is almost impossible to have the correct “tone” interpreted especially with joking or sarcasm. In addition, with so much negative it is imperative that positive and truth is put out as well. Like President Obama, it is important to put out a lot of your own formal and informal videos and content. Hopefully when people Google you they will pull up one of your videos and not when you tripped off the stage.


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Pay With a Tweet

How strong is your social network? This new concept and website allows you to sell your influence and connections on the social networking site, Twitter, to companies and causes. According to the site, the tweet my friend sent out that made me aware of this movement probably got him a electronic version of the company’s book for free.

Now I see why companies would want to tap into the strength of someone’s social network connections. We all know that people will trust their friends advice and recommendations long before they will trust anything coming from a company spokesperson. However, I wonder how the judge the worth of a Tweet to see if its worth it for them. Do they compensate you based on your number of followers? Or will they require that you post your Klout score so she how much you influence those that follow you? Or will leader and newbie alike be compensated the same for their Tweet endorsements?

This looks like a great thing for companies, but as a member of society I think I will find it more than a little annoying if it actually takes off. I get enough advertisements on posters and billboards, on TV advertisements and website banners, on my phone and in my mailbox. I feel constantly bombarded by companies trying to be a part of my consideration set, and paid solicitations from my friends is just one more avenue that I don’t want. I do not want 50 of my friends tweeting the same thing because they get a coupon or freebie for doing it – that ins’t a real endorsement. That is more likely to get me to tweet the same thing my friends did so that I can cash in too. But it doesn’t encourage me to buy from the company or do my business will them in the future because my friends superficially liked them.

Check out the site and let me know what you think: http://paywithatweet.com/

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